Tuesday, January 31, 2012

First post!!!! WOOT

First of all, I want to say “Hi”and I am very happy that you are visiting my blog. If you are dealing with living a gluten free lifestyle, than we have something in common. I am in your shoes just as much as you’re in mine. With the mix of emotions and frustrations, it’s a freaking roller coaster. For me, everyday is a battle and gluten is the enemy. I am reading labels and researching foods online all day long. I work very hard to keep what I eat safe, and I don’t want to throw that away on something as simple as what I am putting on my face. I am not completely convinced that makeup is giving me a gluten reaction, but to me, why risk it? I want to be confident that I am doing all that I can to stay healthy.
            I have spent hours on end searching and searching for answers about gluten free makeup. Before I went on a gluten free diet almost a year ago, makeup was one of my passions. I loved trying new products, experimenting with new looks, and especially doing other people’s makeup for events and such. So needless to say, I have A LOT of makeup. More then one person would ever need, but it’s something I love. It was so extremely frustrating to try and figure out what products were safe and what wasn’t. One website would say one thing and another would say something else, some information was from 2007, some was more recent, I had no clue what to believe. And this is what I’m doing about it. I am starting with what I already own, tracking down the manufactures and getting a straight answer. Products that can be found at the drugstore and department stores, not like the specialty stuff. It is not good enough to say that the ingredients are printed on the product and it is up to the consumer to figure out this roadmap of codes that leads to nowhere. What normal person would know that “phytosphingosine extract” is wheat?! Let alone things like “stearyldimoniumhydroxypropyl” yea, I don’t evenknow where to start with that one.
            The products that I’ll put on here that are “safe” mean they have no gluten ingredients. Cosmetics are labeled differently than food, so there are very few that are certified gluten free. Everyone has a different reaction and tolerances and such, so one size doesn’t really fit all, but these are the ones that I feel comfortable using, and I’ll throw in my personal review time and again. Just trying to do a little good in the crazy world of gluten free cosmetics.


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