Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Lip Products

As long winded as my last post was,I still have some choice words for the cosmetic world. But I'll spare you thedetails and get to the important stuff.
Just another reminder, products that qualify as "safe" are notcertified gluten free, but have no gluten derived ingredients. There are notreally any regulations on gluten free makeup like there is for gluten free food.
So here it is. This is my entire makeup collection.  In this photo, it is a mixture of gluten free and not gluten free products.

Ok, so this is kind of how it goes.There’s both good news and bad news, and I’m going to start with the bad news.I do it that way because maybe by the end of the good news, you’ll forget aboutthe bad. As sad and disappointed I am in the information I got today, I actuallyfeel really good. Some of my “holy grail” products will have to be buried andR.I.P. But there is a silver lining.
So let’s get to it. I’m going to separatethe posts by product type, lips, eyes, face, just because there is a lot to goover. I’ll start with lips, because that’s the product that is the easiest toingest/get in your system. So here goes nothing.
Ok, this is one product that I amsuper disappointed about. I absolutely loved MAC’s cremesheen glass lipglosses.WRONG! 
MAC Cremesheen glass
NOT safe

Ill have to stop loving them. Ialso loved the cremesheen lipsticks. WRONG again. MAC does have a goodselection of gluten free lipsticks, but the cremesheen isn’t one of them. MAC has different finishes for their lipsticks, some are safe and some are not; 

MAC Amplified Crème
NOT safe
MAC Cremesheen
NOT safe
MAC Frost
MAC Glaze
MAC Lustre
MAC Matte
MAC Satin
MAC Sheen Supreme

I also made a list of all theshades that are the NOT safe finishes. The finish is listed on the bottom of the tube above the shade.
These are the shades names that are NOT safe.

            Amplified Creme
Saint Germain
Girl About Town
Fast Play
Dark Side
Vegas Volt
Half ‘n Half
Up The Amp

Beach Sand
Pillow Talk
Crème Cup
Speed Dial
Hot Gossip
Speak Louder
Spice is Nice
Party Line
Brave Red
Dare you
Shy Girl
Crème d’ Nude
Crème in Your Coffee
On Hold
Black Knight

            Next are the MAC’s plushglass lipglosses. These are NOT safe. This product was alright,but I definitely won’t loose any sleep about not having them.

MAC Plushglass
NOT safe

            I havefound a new liking for lip liners. I thought they should have been left in 1998,but I realized you can’t really pull off a bold lip well without them. And I havebeen thoroughly enjoying the bold lip trend. BUT these Rimmel London 1000 Kissesare not gluten free.

Rimmel London 1000 Kisses
NOT safe
              That’s finebecause MAC lip pencils are gluten free! YAYYYYY
MAC Lip pencil

            And here wego, this is unheard of news. The brand E.L.F. (Eyes. Lips. Face.) is acompletely gluten free company. They actually test their products for gluten.WHHHHAAAAATTTT???? I couldn’t believe it when they told me that. They test anddo not find any gluten in the products. Yes sir-y.


Thanks so much for reading!
I’ll post the eyes and face sections of my collection soon.
Happy Beautifying!

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  1. Thank you so much for all of this. I recently found out I have Celiacs and have had to throw away a lot of product. This was very helpful to me and I know what to look for the next time I go shopping and I won't have to spend hours researching beforehand or while at the store. Thank YOU!!!