Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Eye Products

Alrighty… I’m going to switch things up a bit. Since there are a lot of products to cover, I am going toxseparate them by brand. The amount of eye products that were not gluten free came as kind of a big surprise. There were a ton of products that once I asked the question, I didn’t really want the answer. Definitely more products that in the end, I didn’t feel comfortable using, and I was actually pretty sad about it. But anyways… let’s get down to business.
I’ll start with MAC. Another one ofmy “holy grail” products is the MAC paint pot. This product basically changed my life. It is an eyeshadow base that can be worn alone or under normal eyeshadow. It makes an immediate difference and I can just tell it makes my eye makeup look incredibly better! It makes the pigment of the shadow pop and standout, and also makes the shadows last longer. The great thing is that they are SAFE! YAY!!!!

MAC Paint Pot

Next is another base type product.It is the MAC cream color base, this one in pearl. This has a tendency to crease more than the paint pots, but this is a multitasking product, which the paint pot really isn’t. It can be applied to the tops of the cheekbones for agreat highlight, especially in the summer when you want to achieve that “dewy” type look. And yay, SAFE!

MAC Cream Color Base

Ok, so onto shadows. I’ll start with the MAC prolongwear eyeshadows. These are supposed to last longer than thevnormal eyeshadows, and they are also in a bigger pot, the same size as the cream color bases. That helps for this specific shade, carefree, because it can thenbe easier to use as a powder highlight. And since my precious lightscape I loved so much as a highlight is not gluten free, this is a good alternative for the time being.

MAC Prolongwear

Time for the heartbreaker, before Istarted this I would have said the MAC satin finish would be my favorite. But I guess not anymore. The eyeshadows are the same as the lipsticks as far as the finishes are what determines if they are gluten free or not. By the time I was done going through the shadows I had, there were about 7 I couldn’t use anymore. I was pretty blindsided by that number. But that’s ok, I’ll just have to look for better, gluten free, alternatives. (Trying to stay positive!) Sohere is the run down.

MAC Eyeshadows

NOT safe
Veluxe Pearl
NOT safe
More than half of the shadows in my palette ended up being not safe. sad day...

I’ll do the same as the lipsticks are list the NOT safeshades.
Sushi Flower
Electric Eel
Blue Candy
Parisian Skies

Veluxe Pearl
Crystal Avalanche
Star Violet
Da Bling
Expensive Pink
Plum Dressing
All That Glitters
Gorgeous Gold
Sumptuous Olive
Moon’s Reflection
Satellite Dreams
Beautiful Iris
Stars N’ Rockets
Silver Ring
Knight Devine
Three Ring Yellow
Jealousy Wakes
Sparkle, Neely Sparkle!
Hocus Pocus

The Too Faced Foiled Eyeliners are safe. They have a nice smooth formulation. I enjoy using the one I have. It isn't amazing, but a nice product none the less.

Too Faced Foiled Eyeliners

I have generally preferred this eyeliner to the Too Faced one. It is the Stila Eye Kajal. It is super creamy and great for smokey eyes. Stila does not claim that any of their products are gluten free, but that this one does not contain any gluten or gluten derived ingredients. I don’t think I will purchase more from them, but for this that I already own I will continue to use.
Stila Eye Kojal

I actually really enjoy this eyeshadow trio. It is by LORAC and I think it is really fun to run my brush in between the colors and use it as a wash all over the lid. You get a different result every time, but I am always happy with it. It is quite shimmery which is good now and then, and I do reach for it a lot. I classify is as “pretty safe” these are the exact words used in the email response, “LORAC products do not generally contain gluten products however; they may be used by suppliers of ingredients in the manufacture of LORAC products.” I’ll let you decide if you're comfortable with that answer or not.
Starry-eyed Baked Eyeshadow trio: Superstar
pretty safe

            This Revlon quad is an awesome one. It is very versatile. I love using this for a matte and natural look, but you can use the darker shades to build up for a more dramatic look. And best of all it is safe. I considered this a big score!

Colorstay 12hour eyeshadow: Copper Spice

            And of course, trusty NARS. There’s not much explaining this one. All NARS products are gluten free. AMAZING. And I love love love the two duos I have. All AboutEve (left) and Cordura (right). These are just down right fantastic.

            This company surprised me. Urban Decay had absolutely the BEST customer service that I had contacted. It was super fast and very clear in the answers. I didn’t feel like it was a hassle for them to get the answer, and they were knowledgeable. I will definitely purchase more products that are gluten free. I was quite sad because my favorite eyeliners I found were not safe. But again, I will just be on a mission to find one I like just as much that’s a safe option.
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Pencils
NOT safe
Urban Decay Primer Potion: Original
Urban Decay Original Naked Palette
Urban Decay Naked2 Palette

The Primer Potion is a great product. Its one of those that you don’t see the effects immediately, but when your eyeshadow looks just as good when you get home from work as it did when you left, you’ll know why, Primer Potion.

I love my Naked Palette. I don’t use it everyday, and when I do use it, I always ask myself, “Why don’t I use this everyday?” It is so versatile and it is great for dramatic or “fancy” looks too. It is a great investment to anyone’s collection.

I don’t own the second Naked palette….yet. But once I found out it was gluten free, I am all over it. I will be purchasing it as soon as I can track it down. It was recently released and still hard to find.

            I guess I had the largest amount of eye products in my collection. And I think as a result of that I had the largest amount of disappointment. But I am going to try and find the brightside, and what really makes me happy is the way Urban Decay handled my questions and how fast they got me the answers. And I am very much looking forward to finding, purchasing, and using the Naked2 palette. Just have to keep looking up, to the nearest Urban Decay retailer

I hope you can all find the bright side to your day, and maybemany bright sides!
Thanks for reading.


  1. hello!where did you find that ud is gluten free?thanx!!

  2. Hi!! I emailed urban decay because I love their primer potion - it's no longer safe and gluten free and their 24/7 eyeliners aren't safe as well.