Thursday, February 9, 2012

Goodbye and Farwell

No one ever wants to say goodbye.

Well, throughout the research I’ve done so far I’ve gotten some responses that I just didn’t like. They were unclear, not helpful, and I decided to not buy products from those companies anymore. I’ll start a page too because I am sure this list will grow.
Right now it stands at Stila, Benefit, Covergirl, and Rimmel.
I talked to a Stila representative on the phone who gave me a clear answer about a specific product, the eye kajal. But when I contacted them by email, their only response was “we do not claim any of our products are gluten free”. I feel like that’s saying we are not going to take the time to make our products accessible to you, so I don’t feel that I should spend my money on it.
I contacted Benefit by phone. They would not tell me anything about the ingredients in their products. They did consult me to contact my doctor about which ingredients may not be safe for me to use. So… again, I don’t feel like wasting my (or any doctor’s) time or money.
Covergirl actually said they wanted to give me a clear answer, but there could be nothing farther from the truth. What I could grasp from the email is that they don’t really even know what is in their products because some of their fragrances come from outside suppliers. They did say that if gluten was in the fragrances it wouldn’t be enough to cause a reaction. Oh and that since most of their products are not ingested it shouldn’t be an issue. Oh (again) and they provided me with some resources to learn about Celiac Disease. After I had read the email, I basically just sat there with my mouth wide open. I couldn’t believe what they were telling me and how ignorant they were. It well known that the most common symptoms come from ingesting gluten, but I can’t tell you the number of people I have heard that have a skin rash/reaction just on the surface of their skin from gluten, let alone people with just a gluten allergy and not Celiac. I don’t know, something about the whole tone rubbed me the wrong way. I think Covergirl is a good brand, but just not for me anymore.
Rimmel was also very confusing. I honestly couldn’t tell you if the product I asked them about was safe or not, even after reading the email about five times. And they also gave me a list of over 200 different ingredients that may contain wheat. I was actually a little insulted that it was implied I should cross reference each ingredient on the product to the list. Again, waste of my time. I’d rather invest my money in a product I feel comfortable using and in a company that is accommodating to ALL customers.

These are just my opinions on the responses I received. But, I wish people shared them with me when I was looking for answers, so I am sharing with you!
I hope this information helps and everyone is having a great week so far!!!

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